Postdoc blog - Call for interest!

The PSA will start a postdoc focused blog, highlighting the experience of being a postdoc at UCSF and in academia in general. The blog will serve as a place where postdocs can have their voices heard, share their experiences, and be celebrated. All relevant topics are welcome, including work-life balance, navigating the academic world, career paths, mentoring, being international at UCSF, mental health, parenthood etc. We will also include postdoc spotlights to celebrate the work and achievements such as papers, grants, or prizes of the postdocs in our community.

To start, we are looking for a few postdocs passionate about this idea to help us to organize, editorial tasks and/or writing pieces. If you would like to get involved by either regularly contributing to the blog or to submit a piece, please contact me at [email protected].

We hope this will be a nice addition and resource to the postdoc community at UCSF!

Christina S. Dintica, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
UCSF | Department of Psychiatry