Board & Contact

For general inquiries: [email protected]

Are you interested to commit to the PSA as a board member? Please get in touch with us directly, or attend our next monthly general meeting!

Titus Ponrathnam

Board Member - Secretary/ Outdoor Event Organizer

Postdoc @Nystul Lab


Olga Laporta Hoyos,

Board member - Treasurer/ Outdoor Event Organizer

Postdoc @Bishop Lab




Judith Zimmermann

Board Member - Events Officer

Postdoc @ Hylton Lab


Ayush Srivastava

Board member - Events Officer

Postdoc @Schwer lab


Thaidy Moreno,

Board member - Social Media Officer

Postdoc @Quigley Lab


Lin Song,

Board member - Chair (previous)

Postdoc @Gordan Lab



Rigney Turnham,

Board member - Finance (previous)

Postdoc @Gordan Lab



Zara Weinberg,

Board member - Compassion

Postdoc @El-Samad Lab



Kanishka Basnayake ,

Postdoc @Kirst Lab

Board member - Events Officer


Jane Lee,

Board member - Events Officer

Postdoc @Spitzer Lab


Past PSA leadership

              Kavya Gupta

              Board Member - Events Officer

              Postdoc @Bhushan Lab


Arian Lundberg,

Board member - Social Media and Web Officer

Postdoc @Feng Lab


Stal Shrestha

Board Member- Health and Wellness co-chair

Postdoc @Carhart-Harris Lab



Chandler Jensen-Cody

Board Member - Outreach Officer

Postdoc @ Erle Lab



Oleta Johnson,

Board member - Secretary

Postdoc @Gestwicki Lab



Jingwen Yao

Board Member - Outreach Officer

Postdoc @ Lupo Lab and Larson Lab


Board member - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism (DEIA) Liason
Postdoc Fellow @TAPS


Mel Sherman,

Board member - Social Media Officer

Postdoc @Ingraham Lab


Christina Dintica,

Board member - Communications

Postdoc @Yaffe Lab




Putu Ustriyana,

Board member - Events Officer

Postdoc @Ho Lab


Brian Bender,

Board member

Postdoc @Shoichet Lab



Taman Upadhaya,

Board member - Co-chair

Postdoc @Morin Lab



Melinda Barkhuizen

Past Board member (Finance)


Sol Fereres Rapoport

Past Board member (Co-chair)


Soumitra Ghosh 

Past Board member (Co-chair)



Guilherme Oliveira Barbosa

Past Board member (Events Officer)


Huawei Liu,

Past Board member (Outdoor activities)

Postdoc @Li Lab



Mariana Gomez Schiavon,

Past Board member (Communications)

Postdoc @El-Samad Lab



Gaia Andreoletti,

Board member - Events Officer & Social media

Postdoc @Sirota Lab