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Mission Graduates - Writing Partners Program

SEP High School Intern Program Volunteers


The UCSF AI4ALL three-week program will host talented U.S. high school students who want to learn about Artificial Intelligence applications to Biomedicine with a focus on machine learning approaches. This free program, co-led by Drs. Marina Sirota and Tomiko Oskotsky, target students from backgrounds underrepresented in AI. Students engage with UCSF faculty and participate in group research projects guided by UCSF graduate students and staff. The program concludes with a Final Symposium. The program is looking for people to help mentor the students, as well as people to give presentations on their current research.

Volunteer responsibilities:

1. Lecture TAs

For lecture TAs, the program already has materials prepared (videos, slides, some have code notebooks) about data, coding in Python, Scikit learn, Jupyter notebooks, and more. Lead lecture TAs lead students through pre-designed lectures in class, and then help students with any code exercises in small breakout rooms. Time commitment: roughly 1.5 - 3 hrs per session.

2. Research projects TAs

For the research projects, TAs think about a possible project, find data for students to work with, do some preliminary data preparation, and then guide a group of 5-6 high school students in the research project. Each research project can be led by 1-2 lead TAs and an assistant TA (high school or undergrad student). TAs work with the students during the afternoons of the program's 2nd and 3rd weeks and can be present for part or all of the research project sessions. Time commitment: Project preparation: several hours during the weeks before the program starts. Project sessions: 1 - 3.5+ hours/day x 2 weeks between Mon 7/14 and Fri 7/29.

Sign-up: Please contact Tomiko Oskotsky  ([email protected]) or UCSF Pipeline Programs Manager Angel-Max Guerrero ([email protected]) if you are interested in volunteering for this program.

Information websitehttps://ai4all.ucsf.edu/

Location: Virtual

Date and Time: July 11 - July 29, 2022

Mission Graduates - Writing Partners Program

Mission Graduates is a nonprofit organization in San Francisco, dedicated to establishing a college education as an expectation and goal for every child, thereby allowing them to find a fulfilling career and call San Francisco home. Founded in 1972, our services include a wide range of after school, in-school, summer programs and virtual programs to support students on their education journey. Each year, Mission Graduates reaches over 4,800 low-income children, youth, and families in San Francisco, emphasizing college as a means to achieve economic equity and strengthen the fabric of our community.

Every summer, Mission Graduates pairs Writing Partners with high school students to work one-on-one on writing their personal insight questions (PIQ) for college applications and scholarships, meeting weekly for 6-8 weeks or throughout the academic year. Writing Partners are able to cultivate meaningful relationships with youth and provide them with much-needed support in such an important chapter of their lives. Mission Graduates is looking for volunteers who are experienced in the process of writing and submitting applications; as postdocs, we can offer these students a wealth of knowledge and personal experience from our own lives, and have a unique chance to pass that knowledge onto the next generation! 

Volunteer opportunities:

1. John O'Connell College and Career Program (June 2022 - Aug 2022) PIQ Workshops, June 21 and 22, 5:30 - 7:30 pm, followed by weekly 1:1 mentorship. Visit https://missiongraduates.kindful.com/register/volunteer-interest-form-2022 to sign up (10 in-person Writing Partners Needed). Time commitment: 1-1.5 hours per week for 6-8 weeks.

2. College Connect (July 2022 - May 2023): Personal Statement Workshops, July 11-13, 5:30 - 7:30 pm, followed by weekly 1:1 mentorship. Visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1nwzMM-bJpKHW_iCuzr65qnZcUyBmwfli6dcHw4SWRjY/viewform?edit_requested=true&fbzx=-4552825639177711704  to sign up (27 in person Writing Partners Needed). Time commitment: 1-1.5 hours per week for 10 months.

If you want to learn more about the duties and various opportunities of volunteering for Mission Graduates, there is a summer Volunteer Open House session on June 7th from 5-6 PM that can be registered for here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/volunteer-open-house-registration-300218540737. If you have any interest in volunteering, you are also encouraged to reach out to Zaheeda Gagan. 

Volunteer Open House session: 2022 June 7th 5-6 PM, https://www.eventbrite.com/e/volunteer-open-house-registration-300218540737

Information websitehttps://www.missiongraduates.org

Contact person: Zaheeda Gagan ([email protected])

SEP High School Intern Program Volunteers

This summer, the UCSF Science & Health Education Partnership is enabling a cohort of high school interns to conduct research with UCSF scientists. This program helps rising seniors from underrepresented backgrounds learn and apply research techniques and science communication skills. There is also a component of the program that teaches students about the college application process. The organizers of the program are looking for volunteers to help in the following areas

  1. Skills Days: This skills course teaches the interns pipetting, how to solve math equations to make solutions and dilutions, and data analysis methods. The curriculum is already planned, and the lessons would take place during our program orientation (June 6 and June 7).
  2. Career Talks: Each week of our program provides an opportunity for us to introduce a new scientist to our interns. Our goal is for the interns to meet many different people in science, and to hear a diversity of stories about academic/career paths and goals. These lectures are about 1 hour and will take place when our entire cohort (27 interns) is together on Fridays. The Fridays we have available for lectures are July 1, July 8, July 15, and July 22.
  3. Science Communication Lessons (~ 2 hours): Each week of our program allows for us to introduce concepts such as how to read scientific papers, how to write an abstract, how to give a scientific talk, and how to create and present a science poster. Our goal is to have scientists lead these lessons. The Fridays we have available for lectures are June 17, July 1, and July 8.
  4. Support Mentors: A support mentor would lead weekly (~1 hour) check-ins with a small group of 3-4 interns to ensure that their research experiences are going smoothly. This will also give the interns the chance to get to know another scientist this summer. Support mentors can lead these check-ins in-person or remotely and would be responsible for organizing the meeting dates/time. Our program spans 8 weeks (from June 10th - July 29th).

Sign-up: If you would like to help out in any of these areas, please reach out to Sophia Ajanee ([email protected]).

Past Outreach Events

2022 Bay Area Science Festival

2022 SEP High School Intern Program

2022 CURE High School Intern Program

2022 SFUSD High School Intern Program

2022 UCSF-Lowell Science Research Program

Bay Area Science Festival

BASF is a celebration of the unique science and technology of the BayArea. Scientists from our local universities, companies, and museums will share their stories, passion, and fun science activities, as they highlight the excitement of science in the Bay Area!

SEP High School Intern Program

SEP’s High School Intern Program hosts high school juniors from San Francisco public schools for this paid summer internship opportunity. Under the guidance of scientist mentors, interns will gain authentic research experience as they complete a short-term research project, develop a better understanding of science and career opportunities, and become part of a professional community. All interns in the High School Intern Program come from backgrounds underrepresented in science.  

CURE High School Intern Program

The CURE High School Summer Internship gives African American and LatinX high school juniors a paid research experience and college application support. We look for faculty, postdocs or graduate students to be mentors for these students. Postdocs or graduate mentors will receive a $500 stipend.

SFUSD High School Intern Program

UCSF seeks hosts for underrepresented (Black/African American, Latinx, Native/Indigenous, AAPI) San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) high school summer interns interested in learning about the health sciences and its related careers. The interns are paid by SFUSD, and the UCSF Center for Science Education & Outreach office handles the onboarding process for the interns.

UCSF-Lowell Science Research Program

This program is a collaboration between the UCSF MSTP and the Biomedical Sciences (BMS) graduate program and San Francisco’s Lowell High School that seeks to introduce high school students to the world of science, teach them laboratory techniques, and inspire a passion for research and discovery. The hope is that over nine weeks, student interns learn about the scientific process while helping further the research being performed. At the end of the nine weeks, student interns present their work from the summer at a symposium hosted by the internship program.