Join the PSA board

I would like to take on a leadership role within PSA. Can I join the board?

Absolutely! We always seek new committed board members to take on a responsibility and we would love to have you on board.

What does a PSA board commitment look like?

We expect from all board members:

  • to actively engage in internal PSA board discussions (be responsive on Slack and Email)
  • to participate in and contribute with ideas to our monthly internal PSA board meeting
  • to take the lead and be proactive in a specific role (mostly organizational/administrative) and be responsible for duties that come with this role. (check in with current PSA board to find out which roles need to be filled at the moment)

What are my benefits of serving on the PSA board?

  • meet like-minded postdocs who are as eager as you are to advoctae for a strong postdoc community
  • build a professional and social network around campus, as well as with external collaborators (e.g. biotech companies)
  • get to know and work closely with the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars (OPS) and its administrative staff
  • practice and grow leadership skills
  • gain expertise in organizing programming at an academic institution

What’s the process of joining the PSA board?

Any postdoc who is committed to providing significant support to the PSA board's mission can become a board member. New board members are officially inducted during our monthly PSA general meeting, which is open to all postdocs at UCSF (see 'Communications' for meeting details). We encourage you to get in touch with us via email ([email protected]) with a brief introduction. Maybe you already have thoughts on in which role you want to contribute to the mission of PSA. Alternatively, you may also choose to directly attend our next PSA general meeting and introduce yourself and your goals for the PSA.

What are other ways to get involved if I don’t want to commit as a board member?

If you don't want to contribute as a board member, but would like to lead a specific initiative for postdocs, consider proposing a PDIG and get funding.

Join us - We are always looking forward to welcoming new people and ideas!