BAPS 2017 June 10th Calling for Abstracts!

Bay Area Postdoc Symposium 2017


Calling for abstracts!

Location: Drexler Auditorium, Buck Institute

Date: Saturday June 10th 2017

Dear Postdocs:

The Postdoc Community @ UCSF is proud to announce we will be holding the Bay Area Postdoc Symposiumat the Drexler Auditorium, Buck Institute on Saturday June 10th.


Science Communication will be the main focus of this year’s symposium: Can you explain the relevance and significance of your research to a broad audience in a 7-8 minutes talk?


The ability to articulate the significance of your research in a concise way to people who do not have expertise in your field will be crucial throughout your career, inside and outside Academia, whether you are looking for your next job or addressing a funding agency!


Prepare your presentation today by submitting an abstract to BAPS 2017. We will provide a relaxed setting and the friendliest audience: a wide range of postdocs from across the Bay Area - Berkeley, Buck, Gladstone, Stanford & UCSF!


Why enter?


  • Why not? Take the challenge! Can you keep your eye on the big picture, and leave the technical details and jargon behind?!

  • A Committee of Science Communication experts will select the 15 speakers for oral presentations.

  • Last, but not least! There will also be three cash prizes -$200, $150 and $100-


Check the specific guidelines for abstracts here, and submit your abstract today!


Send your abstract to: [email protected]

Deadline: April 30th

Speakers announced by May 15th.


Registration will open soon!