Microgrant Program

The PSA received a generous donation through the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics from an anonymous donor towards postdoc enrichment and community. To best serve the interests of the postdoc community, the PSA is soliciting grant proposals. These funds are unrestricted in their use, and we encourage proposals across a wide variety of topics including self-focused, group-focused, and community-focused projects. In your application, please describe your proposal, including how it will address personal needs, community impacts, and its feasibility. Please view the evaluation rubric below for criteria and eligibility.


Projects will be evaluated by the PSA Board for funding. Funding review will prioritize the applicant's need and the proposal's scope, aiming to provide both direct relief to postdocs in need as well as kickstart projects with the potential to impact many postdocs. Please note that this effort is separate from other existing mechanisms, such as Postdoctoral Interest Groups; please consider if your proposal would be a better fit for this initiative before applying.


Although there is a limited amount of money to be disbursed in this round, the PSA hopes to use interest in this program to solicit more funding. Please do not hesitate to apply, asking for funds that can benefit you and/or your community. Deadline to apply is December 1st, 2021 by 5pm PST via this link



Evaluation Rubric and Criteria

These microgrants are only eligible for current UCSF postdoctoral scholars in postdoctoral title codes. 


If a proposal could be funded as a PDIG, we will redirect applicants to that mechanism.


Proposals requesting >$1000 in funds will not be considered. Other proposals will be stratified by the amount of requested funds:

  • Green: $20-$200
  • Yellow: $201-$500
  • Red: $501-$1000

Proposals will then be scored on the following categories by at least two independent reviewers, averaging the ensuing scores:







Personal Need

Not personally necessary

Of minor personal necessity

Moderately personally necessary

Of great personal necessity

Immediately and urgently necessary

Community Impact

0-1 people impacted

2-5 people impacted

5-10 people impacted

10-20 people impacted

>20 people impacted



Exceedingly Difficult

Achievable, with considerable effort

Achievable without considerable effort


After scoring, we will seek to fund:

  • 1 Red Projects with Community Impact of 5
  • 2 Yellow Projects with Community Impact of 4 or higher
  • 2 Yellow Projects with Personal Need of 4 or higher
  • 10 Green Projects with Personal Need of 3 or higher, funding projects with greater personal need first.

If there are no projects in any levels, the allocated funds will instead be used to fund projects in the next level. If there are too many projects in any level, projects will then be ranked by Feasibility and then selected by lottery at each Feasibility score until funds are exhausted.